• 22 MAY 17

    Collaboration with Innovation New Anglia

    Oxley Hughes is pleased to announce it has entered into a collaboration with Innovation New Anglia. Oxley Hughes is looking to help business students or students looking to move into business gain insights into the many different aspects of starting up a business and growing it into a large, highly successful organisation. Oxley Hughes and Innovation New Anglia: supporting the business people of our future.

    Innovation New Anglia is shaping the economic landscape to promote innovation, productivity and trade through a 3 year ERDF funded project. INA helps people fulfil their innovation and entrepreneurial potential by supporting them through a variety of different tools. One of these is collaborations.

    Collaborate is a programme that facilitates projects between businesses and university students. It’s all about growing the aspirations of our young people and students, helping them thinking more entrepreneurially and create their own success. Having only recently graduated from UEA, I am keen to use my experiences to help current students to make the most of their opportunities. Working with innovative SME’s can give them so much insight and inspiration, I believe it is something that should be promoted wholeheartedly.

    Alice Reeve

    Cleantech East, Network & Sector Development Manager, Hethel Innovation | 01953 859145

    More information on our Innovative New Anglia project can be found at http://innovationnewanglia.com/