Oxley Hughes brings you the microplate you have always wanted.

An elegant yet simple, cost effective microplate which overcomes all common microplate handling and maintenance issues. You can now fully focus on what is important to you: your work, your science, your kits and your services.

Our microplates:

Increase consistency and confidence by reducing variation;
Provide uniform, gentle and improved solution exchanges;
Protect your science;
Are easy to use;
Work in manual and automated systems;
Fit existing readers and washers;
Reduce repeats and wastage;
Are priced similarly to standard microplates but offer superior quality.

Oxley Hughes – revolutionary microplates for the 21st century.

Oxley Hughes Limited is a Life Science company based in the United Kingdom. Our revolutionary proprietary microplate technology improves handling and maintenance of microplates. Using Oxley Hughes’ technology increases both accuracy and precision as well as assay confidence by reducing variation in microplates. This results in improved microplate assays and outputs as well as less repeats and wastage which enables you, the end user, to focus on what really matters: your work, your science, your products and your kits.

Why Choose Us?

The growth of the global microplate market has seen the formation as well as growth of a number of supply and support life science companies. These companies are continuously developing existing and introducing new technologies to improve how existing microplates are handled and maintained. However, a lot of these technologies involve complex modifications or equipment or both which all come at a cost. Oxley Hughes’ approach is to directly address the microplate itself. We have taken the standard microplate and added elegant yet simple modifications to each well. You can prepare your microplates as you normally do and then use our technology during critical handling and maintenance processes to gain your best possible microplate assays and outputs. So, do not change your science but use our microplate technology to really guide your science to new levels of accuracy and precision. Oxley Hughes: the new name for consistency and quality in a microplate.

The technology can be used in both manual and automated systems since Oxley Hughes’ microplates can be used with or without the inclined microplate holder. However, to gain the full benefits of the technology the inclined microplate holder is required. Please see our Technology section for more details on how to use our microplates and how the technology can benefit your current use of microplates.

For you, these simple and elegant modifications mean Oxley Hughes has improved microplates, their cost effectiveness, the way they are used and the end results. Oxley Hughes’ microplates have the same dimensions as those currently available in the microplate marketplace [5] so for the standard price of a microplate, ease and simplicity of use, increases in both consistency and confidence as well as improved results and outputs are readily achievable when you use Oxley Hughes’ microplates [4, 6, 7, 8].

What one of our customers says..

We have now used the plates produced by Oxley Hughes Ltd for half a year…..The plates were always reliable and allowed us to obtain excellent standard curves with very low standard deviation…..These plates are very good for the cell work since they allow minimisation of cell loss and damage during technical procedures.[4]

Dr V Sumbayev, Ph.D., Lecturer in Biochemistry and Research Group Leader, University of Kent, United Kingdom.[4]

How do we guide ‘Your Microplate Success’..?

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This is how our technology works to benefit your science:


A guide in each microplate well wall guides the pipette tip points uniformly to a specially designed contact point at the junction between the wall and base of each well in the microplate.


The contact point is designed to minimise contact with the science located in the base of each well in the microplate.


A consistent contact point away from the centre of the well is maintained for each pipette tip while it is in the well. This further prevents damage to the science located on the bottom of the wells.


When Oxley Hughes’ microplates are placed in the inclined microplate holder, the contact point for the pipette tip in each well automatically occupies the lowest point in the well.


The inclined microplate holder therefore causes solutions in the wells to head towards the pipette tips so you can easily remove the last traces of solution in each well.


The design and positioning of the pipette tip contact point prevents movement of the pipette tips and minimises contact with the well base so the integrity of the science in the wells remains intact.


No matter how many times you work with your Oxley Hughes’ microplates, your pipette tips points always return to the same place in the wells.


All of this improves liquid handling and control of your pipette tips. Solutions are easily removed and gently added while scraping of the well bottom by the pipette tip points is prevented.


This results in higher quality microplate assays and improved outputs for you. Less repeats are required and plastic waste is reduced which makes Oxley Hughes an even more cost effective option for you.


Removing the residual amounts of solutions by inverting your microplates and banging them on blotting paper is a thing of the past.


Just to let you know, the full benefits of our microplate technology can be immediately obtained using Oxley Hughes’ manual system. However, you can still receive the majority our technology’s benefits when you use Oxley Hughes’ microplates in your existing automated systems.


Check out our Technology section to find out just how well Oxley Hughes guides ‘your microplate success’.